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Boost advertising revenue

Through cutting-edge advertising technology, we provide developers with efficient advertising solutions. Customized advertising strategies and highly accurate algorithms guarantee effective conversion of ads and improve traffic efficiency

Platform advantages

The world's leading mobile digital technology

Rich advertising resources

Global coverage of direct advertising resources Capable of meeting the needs of various types of apps Report demand.

Independent data platform

Developers can monetize traffic by accessing the supply side platform (SSP) independently developed by Jiatou.

Diverse forms of advertising

Jiatou can provide various mainstream advertising forms, and unique advertising creativity can effectively improve user stickiness.

Global Media Resources

North America | China | Europe | Southeast Asia | Other

SDK/API Docking

Two ways to connect with the Jiatou monetization platform

To connect with Jiatou's advertising monetization platform: 5DK&AP Magazine, Customized advertising styles can be obtained by accessing 5D, or Obtaining Massive Advertising Resources through Dao Guo AP


Rich and innovative advertising formats

Meet different scenarios


Open screen ADS

When the application was just started, the user coverage was large, the attention was focused, the user's eyes were attracted, the user Click-through rate and brand exposure were enhanced, and mandatory exposure could be achieved.


Native ADS

Video advertising attracts users' attention by dynamically displaying promotional content, providing them with the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the product, achieve higher conversion rates, and be easily accepted by users.


Screen Insertion ADS

Support static images and dynamic video formats, and independently design personalized advertising styles to ensure effective monetization while ensuring user experience.