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Jiatou AdS Trading Platform

Relying on the daily traffic requests of over 30 billion on the Jiatou Advertising Trading Platform, linking to high-quality global traffic media, and with the support of multi-dimensional AI+technology, we provide solutions for digital marketing and traffic monetization.

Platform advantages

Attributional measurement

Understand user journeys in different channels and tailor attribution logic according to business needs

Preventing Cheating

Multiple functions such as SDK signature, S2S authentication, and secure login enable data to stay away from cheating and pollution, providing real-time defense against cheating.

Data Protection Technology

Strengthen data security to ensure data is not leaked

Platform Advantages




Global Media


Independent mobile devices


Daily Traffic Request

One-stop Digital Advertising Solution

Advertising trading platform

Traffic monetization Solution

We have a global mobile traffic monetization platform, covering a large number of global advertising resources, and a lightweight access SDK to provide developers with a comprehensive and efficient solution that guarantees high revenue in multiple ways.

Digital marketing

Digital Marketing Solutions

The scaled mobile marketing platform provides advertisers with a transparent programmatic trading approach. Here, advertisers can choose and control the traffic more freely and efficiently, and achieve a good input-output ratio.

Engaging Ad Formats

Effectively deliver mobile and in-app advertising through a programmatic platform that delivers better engagement and click-through rates for all mobile ad formats, including mobile native Ads, open Ads, mobile interstitials and new mobile ad formats.

Jiatou Traffic Trading Platform

Flexible settlement model and rich advertising formats