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Accelerate user acquisition and unleash monetization potential

Buy and sell 200+cryptocurrencies with 20+flat currencies using bank transfers or your credit/debit card.

Global cutting-edge digital advertising technology

Rich advertising resources
Independent data platform
Diverse forms of advertising

We provide you with the following services

Application Renewal And Awakening

Precise placement of high-quality user tips available

Help applications achieve high intentional active user base growth and acquire high potential user base.

Brand Content Exposure

Precise placement of high-quality user tips available

Through cooperation with global online red bloggers, Jiatou produces high-quality brand content, reaches users in depth, and the brand occupies users' minds for a long time.

Brand e-commerce platform drainage

Precise placement of high-quality user tips available

Assist brands in obtaining accurate off-site traffic on their sales platforms, increase the number of brand e-commerce visitors, and ultimately achieve good sales.


Global high-quality traffic makes your application easier to discover

Head traffics

Use intelligent placement tools to link local partners and connect to top quality traffic, becoming Google's excellent partner, Facebook's premium partner, TikTok's elite partner and huge engine partner